Grave Accessories

We have a large selection of vases, memorial plaques, hearts & books all which can be engraved with personal verses.

We can supply any type of granite statues.

1-a-vase - bookshaped -grey granite
7 heart black
7 heart light grey
7 heart light grey
7 heart sunset
book - granite- regal 1
book granite 14 x 18 paradiso 1
book grey granite
heart - 12 black
heart 16 paradiso
heart paradiso
heart regal
housename granite with polished oval
light-granite regal
light - granite black
light -granite light grey
light black granite
light granite blue pearl
light granite regal
slab -granite 16 x 16 sunset
slab 16 x 8 black
slab 16 x 8 granite regal
vase -granite black
vase -granite circle - black
vase -granite vizag blue
vase granite - round black
vase granite book shaped - grey
vase granite heart shaped - paradiso
vase granite regal
vase grey granite book shaped

Chippings & Polished pebbles

We have  polished pebbles & chippings in stock in a variety of colours.

crushed chipping green
crushed chipping red

Granite House Names

We have a selection of granite house name plaques avaible